Blog: New Editor, Same Reviews You Love

Tue, Nov 27, 2012


Blog: New Editor, Same Reviews You Love

Sarat Colling is one of the great editors out there. Her work with Political Media Review, which she founded in 2009, brought many great works of nonfiction to the public view. She encouraged my involvement as well as that of many others. Now, as Sarat goes on to greater pursuits, I’ve been granted the opportunity to fill her huge shoes as PMR’s new editor.

I’ve written extensively for PMR over the years, and the venue’s commitment to topical nonfiction is something about which I am personally passionate. I’ll make a few changes, but I expect much of the same insightful writing and focus on important books profiling politics, history, culture and more.

Those interested in writing are encouraged to get in touch. We’ve had many good writers over time, and a need for new help as well.

As noted on the About page, our threshold for writers is changing. All writers will be expected to submit a blog post about a book before being sent a copy, with a tighter deadline to return reviews.

Having coordinated book reviews for People Of Color Organize as well as hearing about similar experiences with PMR, I am keenly aware of the concerns of editors and of publishers. Editors often mail out books to writers at their own expense. Publishers dip into their stock to provide books for reviewers, in hopes they can reach the public in a very difficult environment for independent publishing and university presses. And, though I know writers mean well, I’ve had many experiences where I’d scrape together money to send out 10 books and get back a single review or two, if I was lucky.

PMR isn’t the New York Times, where publishers mail dozens of books weekly. We’re a lot more selective and, if we ask for a book, it’s a fair expectation from publishers and the site that writers will be responsible and honor their agreements. So, writers are now asked to research and share something about a book before it’s sent (a reasonably simple task) for review. This way, readers can have material to check out, publishers have assurance that PMR will cover their books, and writers can demonstrate their interest in the texts.

New reviews will start this weekend. Thank you for your continued support. Please like us on Facebook and tell a friend about what we do.

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